Eritrean food is different depending on what kind of people it was developed by. Food eaten by nomads is usually much simpler and easy to make.

Common foodEdit

Injera is one of the most common foods in Eritrea, and is eaten with a variety of foods. It is made with teff flour and is a type of sourbread.

Foods eaten with injeraEdit

Injera is used to pick up food with in one's hand, eliminating the need for utensils. However, it can be shredded and mixed in with other food, such as in injera fit-fit.

Ga'at is a type of porridge eaten in the lowlands of Eritrea for breakfast.


Wat, also known as tsebhi, is Eritrean stew, and comes in different varieties. It is usally eaten with injera.

Types of watEdit

  • Doro wat